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Survey responses segmentation

Segment users based on their responses to surveys
Jimo helps you reach your users very contextually, resulting in higher engagements from users and higher-quality feedback. To do this, you might want to base your segmentation on the responses users gave to previous surveys you shown them.
No-code events are a helpful tool for targeting your users based on their usage of your app. The main benefit of no-code events is that you can manually create them in seconds without bugging your developers. Whether you want to target users that hovered over an element of your app or create a segment of all users that clicked on a specific button at least three times, no-code events can help you do that.

To start filtering your users based on how they answered a previous survey shown to them :
  • Start by adding a new attribute, whether you are editing a segment, editing an on-the-fly segment for a specific experience, or doing a quick segmentation.
  • Select the Answered with attribute type.
  • Select the discovery experience you want to use.
  • Select the step you want to use.
  • Select the operand and the answer accordingly.
  • Ta-da, you can then apply and get a segment of users that answered (or not) with a specific answer.
Know that you can use logic groups and mix multiple attributes together so you’re able to have a fine grained segment and target exactly the right users !
Last modified 1mo ago