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Changelog Analytics

Unlock valuable insights with Jimo's analytics feature. Explore user reach and engagement data to understand the performance of your posts. Access user lists and analytics for deeper analysis. Make da

Quick access

Post analytics

To access the analytics page for a post in the Jimo dashboard, follow these steps:
1/ Navigate to the changelog page.
2/ Locate the desired post in the changelog.
3/ Click on the title of the post.
By clicking on the post's title, you will be directed to the analytics page specifically associated with that post.

Key metrics

On the analytics page, you will find valuable insights about the post's performance and engagement. It provides 4 key metrics:
  • Number of Users Reached: This metric indicates the number of users who have viewed the post. It helps you understand the reach and visibility of your content.
  • Number of Users Engaged: This metric represents the number of users who have interacted with the post, such as by commenting, liking, or giving feedback on the post. It provides insights into the level of engagement and interest generated by your content.
  • Number of Views: This metric reflects the total number of views the post has received. It gives you an overall count of how many times users have accessed or viewed the post.
  • Number of Likes: If the "likes" feature is activated for your posts, this metric shows the total number of likes the post has received. It allows you to gauge the popularity and positive reception of your content.

User list details

By clicking on these key metrics, you can see a list of users, this list provides you with specific details about the users who have liked, viewed, and engaged, allowing you to identify and engage with those who have shown interest in your content.
🎓 If you didn’t identify your users, the user list will be anonymized, read our documentation about Jimo SDK to identify users.

Analytics graph

The page also features a graph that shows the post's performance over time, allowing you to track its evolution. Additionally, you can compare the post's performance across different user segments by selecting them in the right panel of the analytics graph.
Compare your segments.
The analytics page also lets you compare the post's performance across different user segments. Selecting segments in the right panel of the analytics graph allows you to gain insights into engagement and response variations based on user characteristics or demographics.
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