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Team Management

After joining Jimo, invite your colleague to your space and manage their role.

Quick Access

Send an invitation by email

Only Owner and Admin roles have access to the team management settings by default.
1/ Navigate to Settings > Team and click “Invite member" in the top right corner 2/ Enter the email of your colleague 3/ Choose the role 4/ Click on “Send invite”
Your colleague will receive an email like this in their mailbox :
They have to click on the button and follow the steps.

Allow people from your company to join

Only the Owner can manage this setting.
Your colleague can also join by themselves if they create an account with their company email domain. The company email should have the same domain field as yours. You must enable the “Allow email domain” for this to work. 1/ Navigate to Settings > Team 2/ Enable the “Allow Email domain” option
By default, members joining this workspace will have the less permissive role of “Only viewer”. Disabling this feature will prevent users from joining by themselves during their registration.

Manage their role

Give different roles to each team member, depending on what they are supposed to do or access across your project. You can even create new custom roles.
Go to Settings > Team and use the Members tab to manage your team's roles. You can also remove members through this tab.
(Go to the Roles tab to manage roles permissions.)
By default, you can choose among 4 roles:
  • Only viewer: Allow this member to view all experiences and their analytics. Also, allow him to view the list of users. This member won’t be able to edit experiences or delete users.
  • Only editor: Allow this member to edit all experiences and delete users. This member won’t be able to view experience analytics.
  • Editor & Viewer: Allow this member to view experience analytics, edit experiences, and delete users.
  • Administrator (Owner): Allow this member to view experience analytics, edit experiences, delete users, invite new members, update member roles, update project settings, and manage the billing details of the project.
If you're the one who creates Jimo's project, you're the Owner, this role is similar to an Admin with higher permissions and a few exclusive global management settings.

Customized roles

If the roles available by default aren't enough, you can handle permissions more precisely. Create custom roles and edit their permissions whenever you need to.
1/ Navigate to Settings > Team 2/ Select the Roles tab 3/ Click on New role 4/ Name and edit permissions of your new role
You can click on any role within the list to display their detailed permissions by category. (Only custom roles can be modified through this list.)
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